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What is the Gut Harmony Method and How Can It Help You?

   The Gut Harmony Method is Nourish Meditation's signature health coaching program that guides you in how to address the root causes of IBS. 

   The Gut Harmony Method was developed by Maggie Abrams, a Doctor of Physical Therapy, who struggled for years with IBS herself, until she discovered a tool that radically changed her digestion. Through years of practice and research, she developed an embodied meditation method that harnesses the power of this tool.

   Through Nourish Meditation, she shares this method with the world, helping clients remove barriers to their body’s natural healing and realize the freedom and lightness of profound healing.

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Master the 3 Steps of IBS Relief



In order to function properly, your digestive organs must be able to move. Learn how to massage them safely and gently to restore mobility.


Eat to Heal

Learn how to use food as medicine to heal your digestive tract from the inside. Rather than a restrictive diet, focus on varied, whole foods.

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The muscles of your abdomen play key supportive roles in digestion and elimination. Learn how to stretch and strengthen them to get them working optimally.

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Can you relate?

   Eating makes you feel sluggish and foggy. You get bloated and have abdominal pain after eating and you can't figure out which food is doing it. You worry about having easy access to a bathroom. You prefer not to wear tight-fitting clothes since you will probably be bloated later. You feel like you have no control and no bowel routine.

What customers are saying

Maggie Abrams is one of the most knowledgeable & thoughtful PT and medical professionals I've worked with throughout my life time.


Maggie Abrams is my miracle worker. While I came to her for abdominal pain, I have not had a migraine since starting with her.


Maggie Abrams is magic. Seriously, she's a witch and I mean that in a nice way.


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