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I empower women with the tools to combat one of the most destructive aspects of endometriosis:

the stickiness.

With these tools, women can get unstuck from the intense pain, crushing fatigue, and digestive symptoms of endometriosis, and get back to living their lives

Discover the simple, 3-step Unstick Endo process

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What is Unstick Endo and

How Can It Help You?

   Unstick Endo is Nourish Meditation's signature health coaching program for women looking to do more than just wait for their next surgery. Unstick Endo empowers women to use their own hands to massage their organs and maintain organ mobility, reducing -or even eliminating- their symptoms of pain, fatigue, bloating, bowel dysfunction, and bladder dysfunction.

   Unstick Endo was developed by Maggie Abrams, a Doctor of Physical Therapy who is national board-certified in both Women's Health and Health and Wellness Coaching. 

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Nourish Meditation's one-of-kind approach to endometriosis was birthed from the unique background and training of the founder, Maggie Abrams.

Unstick Endo is a 12-week program that guides you step-by-step, organ-by-organ, in how to massage your organs. Why organ massage?

Because endometriosis is sticky, and research shows that it's this stickiness that is a main cause of endometriosis pain.

Because when organs can't move, they can't function.

And because endometriosis can grow back at any time - the goal is to empower clients with tools they can use lifelong to protect their organs and their health.

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Can you relate?

   You wake up unsure of what your symptoms will do that day. You sometimes think that if your pain gets any worse, you might pass out. You find yourself canceling plans and instead living with a heating pad or in the bath. You have painful bloating after eating and you can't figure out which food is doing it. You feel guilt over the things you miss and fear over what the future might bring. And you're tired of waiting for surgery to have relief...

What customers are saying

Maggie Abrams is one of the most knowledgeable & thoughtful PT and medical professionals I've worked with throughout my life time.


Maggie Abrams is my miracle worker. While I came to her for abdominal pain, I have not had a migraine since starting with her.


Maggie Abrams is magic. Seriously, she's a witch and I mean that in a nice way.


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